Monday, 17 July 2017

INKREDIA Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan | Book Review


Inkredia is a land where humans and nonhumans live together in balance, but without ever facing each other, unless... they must. When seventeen-year-old Luwan finds himself in a grave danger, he has to make a daring choice. The village that kept him safe all these years can't protect him anymore. Either he can stay and die or he can enter the dangerous world outside and make journey to a city that will keep him and his sister safe. But there is a good chance that this journey itself will kill him. He sets out, but only to find that his peril is far greater than his calculations. He heads into a mysterious new enemy, a band of legendary assassins that are usually sent to bring down men of great power. Luwan is clueless why they are after his head, but they don't offer him the luxury to find an answer to that question. He's thrown into a relentless run across a great distance. And, as he travels, he learns about fascinating places in Inkredia, about powerful relics and artifacts and... about the dark side of Inkredia. He faces the great force of Ilmor that gives birth to incredible nonhumans. What is the force of Ilmor? Can Luwan protect his sister against such powerful enemies? Will he find answers to all the mysteries? 


Sarang Mahajan



Release date:

January 1st 2017

No of pages:

Paperback, 388 pages

The language is simple and we read the book with great pleasure. The story is phased well, a pages into the novel would pull the readers into the incredible world of Inkredia. Author has kept suspense and thrill intact with pace. 

The book is adorned with a great fantasy. The author has given importance to such minute details that it gives you a feeling that he might be narrating a story that he has witnessed himself and it is not just a work of his imagination.